Helping students find the right career and thrive

better preparing them for their futures.

Empowering them with self-awareness and real world insights

better preparing them for their futures.

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The study and career options your child chooses now can set them on a course for life. Our holistic approach will give them the information and insights to make sound choices.

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Choosing a career path is a big decision, but with the right support it doesn’t have to be hard. Our process is fun, supportive and will empower you to make the best choices for you.

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Moving from school to the workforce can be challenging. Our in-school programme will support your students to develop the insights, confidence and life skills to not only cope, but succeed.

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We help students step out of school with clarity and confidence

The job market is changing fast. Young people today need to choose a career path that’s not only right for them now, but will be relevant in years to come. On top of that, understanding all of the career options out there can be overwhelming.

Swivel Careers walks students step-by-step through the process. We combine expert one-on-one career coaching with industry-leading psychometric testing to develop a detailed view of their personality, strengths and ambitions. We give students the latest information on job markets and trends to help them gain clarity on where they want to go and the confidence to get started.

An investment in career planning now can set them on the right course for life.

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Our programmes

Our one-on-one coaching sessions offer a safe and supportive space for students to explore who they are and where they want to go in life. They’ll be guided step by step through the process of choosing a career path. 

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Our in-schools programme is flexible to the needs of your school and can complement existing models. We combine one-on-one career coaching with group workshops to help students plan their career path and prepare for the realities of working life. 

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26% of students drop out of university in the first year. Only 60% complete their tertiary qualifications
(Tertiary Education Commission report, 2018)


I am so grateful for the coaching sessions as they are supportive, empowering and have helped me confidently map out a clear career path.
Chantelle, Student
Rotorua, New Zealand
The service they offer goes way above and beyond anything available within high schools, it is extremely personalised
Parent of Swivel Student
Wellington, New Zealand

 I was able to learn more about myself as well as receiving personalised analysis and guidance for my future through this programme. 

Year 13 Student
We saw a change in him in a matter of two weeks - he’s always been a capable and independent boy but his confidence has improved tenfold and he’s become more aware of his potential which we find amazing
Elaine, Parent of Swivel Student
Tauranga, New Zealand

Thank you for your work and time. It really helped me to get clearer about what I want to become. 

Carlotta, International Student
Wellington, New Zealand

Swivel gave me a real idea of what's happening with careers and real life advice that I need to progress from high school into a career.

Jackson, Year 13 Scots College Student
Wellington, New Zealand
I am so grateful for the coaching sessions as they are supportive, empowering and have helped me confidently map out a clear career path.
Petra, Student
Wellington, New Zealand
The Swivel Coach was able to quickly build a positive rapport and was an amazing listener. She was very encouraging of my son and helped him to see all of the things he could do well.
Swivel Student Parent
New Zealand