Why Swivel Careers?

We believe when people choose a career that fits, they flourish

Swivel Careers is a global careers service that has worked with thousands of secondary and tertiary students, helping them choose careers they’ll thrive in for years to come.

Our coaching process is the real magic of Swivel Careers. Our experienced career coaches are caring, passionate about what they do and highly attuned to students. They’re also business smart and well-connected with employers.

As the sister company of Kinetic Recruitment, our team is on the pulse of what’s happening in the job market and what it takes to succeed in the workforce today.

Swivel Careers was founded in New Zealand and is rapidly expanding to provide careers advice to students in Singapore and other international markets.    

About Swivel Careers


Career choices now can shape their working lives

With our strong ties to recruitment and business, we know that school and tertiary graduates who have clear career direction from day one have an advantage that can play out over life.

Yet many students finish high school with no real idea of what they want to do.

We find that most schools provide good tertiary study information, but don’t always have the resources to provide up-to-date career advice or workforce skills. So students can be left short.

We combine self-discovery with real world insights and skills


1:1 career coaching offers a safe and independent space for students to talk openly and learn about themselves

Psychometric Testing

Industry-leading psychometric testing provides a holistic view of their personality, strengths passions and ambitions 

SC Icons

Students get up-to-date information on career and study options with support to plan career paths that offer agility

Group Workshop

Our group workshops cover practical job search and workforce skills to help students get their first job and succeed at work

Learn more about our one-on-one coaching or discover our in-schools programme.

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