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We take away the overwhelm and make choosing a career inspiring


As students approach their last years of school there can be a lot of pressure to choose a career.
Between needing to select the right subjects and apply in advance for tertiary programmes, it can be overwhelming and easy to go down the wrong path – or even taking a gap year due to indecision.

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For parents, it can be challenging to know how to support them

At Swivel Careers we believe choosing a career should be a positive and inspiring experience.
Our programmes give students the space, tools and expert support to get clear on who they are and what they want in a career, as well as realistic insights about different careers paths.

Swivel Careers can set your child on the right path for life

We combine one-on-one coaching with psychometric assessments to give your child a holistic view of their personalities, strengths, values, passions and ambitions, and how the combination of these things may suit different careers.

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Our career coaches are experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do and highly attuned to students. They will create a safe and empowering environment for your child to learn about themselves and explore different career pathways.

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Job markets are changing fast so it’s critical your child gets relevant, up-to-date career advice. We are closely connected with Kinetic Recruitment, giving us access to real-time job market information, industry trends and future forecasts.

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We offer a range of group workshops as part of our in-schools programme to help your child navigate the job search and interview process and have an edge in their careers from day one.

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I am so grateful for the opportunity of having received coaching sessions from Swivel Careers as they are supportive, empowering and have helped me confidently map out a clear career path whilst still pushing me in the right direction towards having a successful career.

Petra, Swivel Careers Student
Wellington, New Zealand

The main difference between Swivel and previous careers sessions was that the Swivel session was based on real-world recruitment techniques, and dealt with how careers and recruitment will actually work in the future. 

Jackson, Swivel Careers Student
Wellington, New Zealand

No matter what stage of life you are in, whether you are a working professional or a student their comprehensive and precise analysis of your personality and goals will help you just as it helped me. I personally was shocked at the amount of information Swivel managed to provide for me and how successful they were in aiding my search for a career path that suited me best.

Tim, Swivel Careers Student
Director, Client Services

I had a bit of an idea on what I wanted to do based on my interests, but after being told to ‘just do some more research’ by guidance counsellors I wasn’t 100% on what actions I needed to take to turn that interest into a positive direction.

We talked about how dynamic the work was from day to day, different types of civil engineering and I actually got to visit some of the sites they’re working on.  It’s definitely made me more confident in choosing civil engineering as a career and encouraged me to look at gaining work experience early on in my degree

Duncan, Swivel Careers Student
Tauranga, New Zealand