Private Career Coaching for Students

Empowering students to take control of their futures

The core of Swivel Careers is our expert one-on-one career coaching service. Our experienced coaches take students on a journey, helping learn about themselves, be inspired by their potential and find careers they’ll excel in.

With the help of industry-leading psychometric tools, a dedicated Swivel Careers coach will profile the student’s personality, strengths, passions, values and ambitions. Over several coaching sessions, students gain deep insights and confidence in themselves and evaluate different career options to choose a path that’s right for them.

Our programme was created by a team of organisational psychologists and business professionals to deliver a supportive experience for students that gets powerful results.

What to expect with our 1:1 coaching sessions

Every aspect of our coaching service is focused on the individual. Sessions are personalised, confidential and the process usually takes two to four weeks to complete. We provide ongoing follow up and support to ensure students take what they learn with us and turn it into action. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 One-on-one coaching session and questionnaire

Through an initial one-on-one coaching session, we get to know the student and their ambitions, values, strengths and weaknesses from their own perspective.

Step 2 Psychometric testing

Next, we dig a little deeper. Psychometric profiling and ability testing brings science into the process of choosing a career and offers an independent view of the student. Our psychometric testing includes three assessments by an internationally recognised provider GeneSys:

Personality assessment which helps create a clear picture of the student’s personality and preferences. It covers their interpersonal, thinking and coping styles.

Ability assessment which measures the student’s verbal, numerical and abstract abilities.

Occupational interests which sheds light on which occupations the student has a tendency to pull towards.

Step 3 One-on-one coaching session and Swivel Careers personal workbook

After the psychometric results have been received, we create a workbook for the student. The student works step-by-step through this book with the support of their coach. The process of completing the workbook helps them to build deep self-awareness and design their own unique career pathway around their personality, abilities and careers interests. The work book is theirs to keep for the future.

Step 4 Action planning

The next step is to create a plan of attack and work with the student to set goals, so they know exactly where they are going and how to get there. Parents and guardians are invited to get involved at this stage of the process.

Step 5 Research and follow up

Once goals have been set, we follow up with the student after 24 hours, one week, one month and three months to ensure the student is on track with their plans. We encourage

the student to research alternative ways to reach their desired career and support them through the process.

We have seen hundreds of students complete our coaching programme with the clarity and motivation to ‘get out there’ and take their next steps confidently.

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