How we support school career programmes

We partner with schools to give students the best start to their careers

Schools want their students to thrive in life, but with limited resources it can be hard to give them enough support and information to choose the right career.

Yet we believe every student should have this opportunity. Swivel Careers collaborates with Heads of Schools and Careers Departments to build on existing programmes with one-on-one career coaching and group workshops designed to prepare students for working life.

Our experienced career coaches are deeply passionate about what they do and committed to helping students find career paths they’ll love. And as the sister company of Kinetic Recruitment, we’re on the pulse of the job market as well as the latest industry trends and forecasts.

Our programme bridges the gap between school and work

Our in-school programme gives students a holistic view of who they are and which careers may suit them, while also preparing them for the working world with practical skills and insights.

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Private Career Coaching
1:1 coaching and assessments

We recommend that schools incorporate one-on-one coaching in their programme, as this creates a supportive space for students to learn about themselves and open up about their ambitions and concerns. 

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Group Workshops
Group Workshops

We offer a range of group workshops that focus on preparing students for the workforce. They’ll learn essential skills, gain insights and develop the confidence to apply for jobs successfully and do well in their careers from day one.

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